Proteus 7.8 SP2 free download

Jan 31
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 Proteus 7.8 SP2

The most powerful software of electronic simulation software is that 90% of performance in simulating the IC including a microcontroller for programming the microcontroller avr, fpga pic is.

All those who are less familiar with electronics and software are well known and need no introduction.

Proteuse software is part 2. The first part of the circuit design and simulation and other design for the fiber circuit.

Proteuse software in the new version adds several elements, in this version as the speed of programs has increased greatly.

It’s like having a super strong and is famous all programmable IC.

If you have not tried this program you download and familiarize yourself with this powerful program.

This version also added that if the property installed the latest drivers for your graphics program elements into a beautiful glass will show you.

Most bugs and Ashklat for installing the fix is in Windows 7 and Vista.

Who Protuse use of the software:

Proteus of all those who want to use the circuit design.
Proteus professors to teach students of electronics for their use.
The Proteus engineers use to test your circuit.
Proteus for simulation of circuits that are programmable IC (eg 8051) in which there are.
The Proteus PCB to get the fiber they use.
Proteus for the design of multi-use kits.
Proteus work for hundreds of other students in the use of electricity and electronics.
And …

Key features of the software Proteus Professional v7.8:

– Compatibility with a variety of assembly languages
– Full compatibility with a variety of microcontroller
– Ability to store photos
– A complete software error
– Compatible with most compilers and assemblers
– Identify and update the latest components and circuitry world
– Full coordination for testing software code written in assembly language
– There are over 8,000 pieces of mail in the application
– Easy to use software
– Ability to print circuits
– And …


Size: 86 MB


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